Learning From the Social Entrepreneurship Model.

Learning From the Social Entrepreneurship Model.

Education is primarily viewed as an issue to be addressed by the public sector in the United States. Both federal and local governments are busily engaged in preparing students to face the real world. However, this poses a challenge, not only in the education space, for the private sector to solve the issues.

In this case, social entrepreneurship comes in as a solution to bridge the gap between the public and private sector. This is well known to the founder of aha! Process, Dr. Ruby Payne, whose education framework aims at giving people a better understanding of poverty. Her framework has now practically made its way in almost every school district in the States.

Payne says credits her success to three social entrepreneurship ways which saw her initiative get through.

  1. Lay the disruption framework.

It’s quite hard to be impactful without strong public reception and adoption of your solution, especially in the education sector. This means one has to device a very ‘innovative solution to an outdated problem.’ this is where the social entrepreneurship model comes in.

Payne managed to disseminate and sell over 1.8 million copies of her education framework book: A Framework for Understanding Poverty. Her philosophy and findings then got attention from educators, interested parties, and community leaders, than she could have ever managed as a teacher. This disruption made her solution innovative and well-received.

  1. Optimize for impact.

While idea implementation tends to pause a significant challenge to entrepreneurs due to the many available considerations and fears, the social entrepreneurship model tends to be more communal, making market penetration much more accessible. For Payne, she began with her local community before scaling up.

  1. Cuts down the feedback cycle.

Critics are always present for social entrepreneurs. However, they tend to first execute their ideas and welcome feedback at the end of the project. This gives them a significant growth opportunity.





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