Displaying Care through Entrepreneurship.

Displaying Care through Entrepreneurship.

Since 2017, Atma Jaya Catholic University (ACU) has been holding a Social Entrepreneurship (SE) Marketplace which emphasizes three important values which are Innovative, Interact, and Influence also abbreviated as I3.

The 2018 SE Marketplace had 25 participants who were grouped into three categories, namely social development, environment, and health. Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) and I3 values were still the emphases, and that had to be shown in the designs, services, products, and ideas, presented in the event. These events are hoped to turn some participants if not all, to social entrepreneurs aligned to ACU core values.

Besides the 25 participants, eight companies had also attended the event showing their involvement in SGDs and social care. Lecturers, alumni, and students who had innovative ideas or programs that would provide solutions to social problems were gathered together through this event. Those social entrepreneurs among them who had a problem with media promotions, funding, resources, and facilities were to receive help. To participate in the SE Marketplace, one had to submit a proposal for their program or idea.

One of the 2018 SE Marketplace was Hermawan, an alumnus of ACU, Faculty of Biotechnology. He presented two of his innovations in the event; Flowers of Hope (FoH) and Lafidelite.id. Lafidelite.id, which was co-founded with a friend, produced different ornamental flowers made from unused flowers and preserve through a given technology so that they can last for a longer time. FoH, on the other hand, is a product produced to provide social services to farmers.

However, financial constraints have been a real problem for Hermawan and his friends. The process of preserving the flowers is quite complicated and costly, while at the same time, they want to have regulated sales price to enable them to compete with imported preserved flowers.





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