Women Entrepreneurs empowered in a FICCI FLO talk.

Women Entrepreneurs empowered in a FICCI FLO talk.

The Northeast Ladies Organization, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) in partnership with the United States Consulate had organized a social entrepreneurship talk- ‘Social Entrepreneurship: Building a Business Around People, Planet & Profit,’ recently at Guwahati.

Dawn Manske, the US speaker and the founding CEO of ‘Made For Freedom,’ a fashion social enterprise that uses its products to empower survivors of sex trafficking, presented the talk. Manske does not only rescue women from sex trafficking but also empowers them through designing skills, gives them a good wage and provides them a safe place and the dignity for self-support.

About 35 women entrepreneurs from the region had attended the round-table discussion and presentation. The women were encouraged to display their skills, talents, energies an experiences in whatever sector use them for economic empowerment. Shweta Jindal, the FLO northeast secretary, assisted in conducting the event.

Manske acknowledged that today’s business building models have changed much, with their focus primarily based on people, benefits to the planet, and profit-making. Today, consumers can question a company or a brand to know more about who makes the product, and can defy to purchase the products in their makers are mistreated.

Dr.  Srutimala Duara, the chairperson of FLO, also pointed out that FLO aims to help women become economically independent through empowerment. Gathering a lot of wealth for ourselves is not enough, we need to help others rise as well, and by so doing, we can develop a prosperous society, adds Duara. She sited people like Edgar S Woolard of Du Pont, who saw it fit always to nourish the environment that takes care of us.




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