It’s Time for Change in Social Entrepreneurship Says, Drayton.

It’s Time for Change in Social Entrepreneurship Says, Drayton.

It’s not possible to think of the history of social entrepreneurship without thinking of Ashoka’s CEO and founder, Bill Drayton who is the father of social entrepreneurs. His social enterprise, Ashoka was founded in 1980 whose idea struck him at age 18 when he was visiting India. It is then he realized that entrepreneurs could cause systematic change that was impactful to the lives of many people.

However, he acknowledges that it was not easy to leave a successful career to make that leap. He created Ashoka at a time when several countries had just acquired independence, and the enterprise would help social entrepreneurs across the globe, unleash their potential to bring systemic change to better the world.

Ashoka did not manage to secure the foundation’s support for the first five years because Drayton could not prove what impact his social enterprise could bring.

Today, Ashoka has funded about 4000 changemakers and has caused invaluable change even to people who have never interacted directly with it.

Drayton, however, says that social entrepreneurship has reached a turning point. Politics of “us versus them” and the ever-enlarging gap in income differences are causing great effects in the world that are making an adaption to change and complicating the abilities to create change.

Ashoka is, therefore, seeking for children and other people involved in teaching children growing in today’s fast-paced world, and teaching them ‘how to develop change-making skills.’

Drayton says that these skills can be nurtured even at home, by encouraging creative thinking whenever faced by a challenge. Parents should avoid doing all their children’s work by allowing them to attempt. This way, they encourage the actions that drive change.





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