Top 5 Social Entrepreneurship Ideas for 2019

Top 5 Social Entrepreneurship Ideas for 2019

Do you want to make a profit while making a difference in your community or globally? Why not take the plunge by starting either of the following businesses? You see, social entrepreneurship involves identifying a problem, coming up with a solution and reaping profits; clean profits. So, which businesses should you start in 2019?

Let’s find out

  • Alternative power generation

What about generating power from other sources? This can be biogas, solar, or even hydroelectric power. These sources are eco-friendly, and the cost of production is significantly low. Once you get a permit from the necessary authority to distribute power, you can target schools, hospitals, religious places, etc.

  • Digital nomad centers

With more companies hiring freelancers, it is no brainer that freelancers are on the rise. As such, the need for high-speed internet and serene working environment is on the rise. You can tap into this by creating a center where freelancers can work for a fee. Provide them with internet and you are bound to more and more join.

  • Collecting old textbooks for social good

You can partner with various high schools and colleges. Students can donate books at the end of each semester and in return, send them to underprivileged societies.

  • Micro-lending

Many young people are willing to start disruptive businesses but lack capital and resources. As such, you can start a platform where people/organizations can lend these startups loans. Charge a small fee for each loan processed and make profits.

  • Eco-friendly wood stoves

In most developing countries, women and kids succumb to respiratory-related illnesses. A majority of them is due to smoke coming from burning charcoal. You can develop efficient wood/charcoal stoves and sell them at a cut-rate price.



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