Social Entrepreneurship at the Margins Program to Help Solve Many Social Challenges Facing Refugees and Immigrants

Many are the people in most parts of the world who are living on the margins with no control of their plight after having been displaced from the places they ever called home. They have no one to turn to and thus live miserably with no one to turn to. The Miller Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University has shown that social entrepreneurship is well-placed to settle these challenges through their program which they started in 2018 titled Social Entrepreneurship at the Margins (SEM). This program is funded by philanthropic organizations and other donors to sharpen the skills of social entrepreneurs who are aimed at handling this challenge as the world continues to face increases rates of refugee and immigration.

Some of the ways through which the program is going to impact the word include mentoring and training social entrepreneurs such that their ideas could be nurtured well to be able to pay dividends. Their ideas should be sharpened through such forums to solve these challenges.

Secondly, to address these challenges, social entrepreneurs need to work on their ideas so that they can be able to brew up better jobs. By this, many refugees will be able to get involved in more dignified jobs that will help them to cater to the needs without necessarily relying on their host governments and other donors to support them.

With a well-developed idea, workshops can be a bridge that new ventures could use to secure funding from donors and venture capitalists. Through such fora, entrepreneurs are equipped with the knowledge of how they can approach anyone for funding without experiencing hardships.




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